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A Little Guide to a Perfect Kuala Lumpur Layover

The capital city of Malaysia is probably an underdog compared to Hong Kong, Singapore or Shanghai when it comes to Asian travel destinations. But KL is not to be underestimated! And there are many reasons to spend at least a weekend in this amazing city. Here is a little guide to a perfect Kuala Lumpur layover on what to see and what to consider.

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Why you should definitely do a road trip across Wales

Wales – a country of breathtaking coastlines, untrodden countrysides and idyllic fishing villages. While some people spend their summer hols at a sunny beach, my girlfriend and I took my mother’s twenty year-old estate car and headed off to rainy Wales to get some impressions of this wonderfully beautiful country. Here are some reasons why you should consider doing a road trip across Wales and what you shouldn’t miss: