Every city in the world has its own characteristics that make it a unique place. Here are 5 Reasons why Kuala Lumpur is not like any other place in the world.

01. Pedestrians

There is one major problem about KL: You can’t walk anywhere. Sidewalks just end in nowhere and a lot of streets don’t have traffic lights for pedestrians or even crosswalks. Furthermore there are many train stations that are hardly accessible from certain points, because either there is a highway without a bridge or there is a fence or wall blocking your way.

02. Prices

Especially when it comes to food KL is surely one of the most affordable megacities in Far East. For a full meal you mostly don’t pay more than RM15 (€3 / $3,80). In a very good restaurant it shouldn’t be more than RM35 (€7,25 / $8,90) including sides and large drinks. Of course you should avoid touristy areas but even at McDonald’s a BigMac meal only costs about RM13 (€2,70 / $3,20). 

03. Eat with your fingers

One of the first things people told me when I came here was “Don’t hesitate to eat with your fingers!” Well, honestly I still do. First time I saw people eating rice, noodles and sauces with their fingers I was actually quite shocked. But hey, if you like it, feel free to ditch the cutlery.

04. Nature

Kuala Lumpur is probably one of the greenest capitals in Asia. Maybe not in terms of eco friendliness but definitely when it comes to flora. There are not only a lot of parks, gardens and street plants in the city center but even whole green covered skyscrapers. And there’s a simple reason for that: Back in the days KL was basically built in the middle of the subtropical jungle.

05. Diversity

KL is a melting pot of cultures: Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians and many more. Moreover Muslims, Buddhists and Christians make KL a city of colourful diversity. And every religion and culture gets the respect it deserves. People celebrate Chinese New Year and Ramadan as well as Christmas. Isn’t it sad that in some countries there’s not even place for two religions?

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