Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you are planning a day trip to Amsterdam or even more here is a breakfast hotspot you shouldn’t miss.

Greenwoods was the first English tea house in Amsterdam. Today it is one of Amsterdam’s true hotspots. As a bar, café, tea house and restaurant it serves almost everthing that tastes great.

In my opinion, especially Greenwoods’ breakfast menu is highly recommended. Either the English breakfast specialties like Eggs Benedict, Florentine or the pencakes coming with bacon, berries, maple syrup and more are just fantastic! Together with a hot cup of fresh tea or coffee there’s no chance of having a bad day afterwards.

Breakfast in Amsterdam Greenwoods Cafe

Breakfast in Amsterdam Greenwoods Cafe

There are two locations in Amsterdam. One is in the south between Herengracht and Keizersgracht. The other one is located close to the Centraal station. Make sure you are scheduling some waiting time as both restaurants are always busy.

Location: Amsterdam, Keizersgracht and Amsterdam, Singel
Prices: $$/$$$$
Opening Times: Mon – Thu (9.30am – 5pm), Fri – Sun (9.30am – 6pm)

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