Singapore – that stands for prosperity, luxury and prestige. Nothing embodies this as much as Singapore’s Marina Bay with its world-famous luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands. But even without a big wallet, the bay is an absolute must-visit.

Marina Bay Sands – Enjoy the view without spending 400$ per night

The picture of the gigantic hotel is surely well-known: The three modern hotel towers with the impressive Infinity Pool on the roof are already a landmark of the financial metropolis. But you actually don’t have to book a room to enjoy the view from the top. In the northern Tower 3 there is the inconspicuous entrance to a bar and restaurant called Cé La Vi. The entrance fee is 20 SGD, which can be used for drinks and food in the bar upstairs. And seriously, although it may not be very cheap (even by Singapore standards), the view of the city’s skyline at sunset is definitely worth it.

Ce La Vi Singapore Skyline View

Singapore Skyline Marina Bay

The daily light show

At night Marina Bay is even more impressive and breathtaking than during the day. The bay owes this of course to its magnificent scenery but also to its daily light show, which can best be enjoyed from the Merlion Statue.

Kindly check the showtimes here.

Marina Bay Sands at night plus Lightshow

Walking through the Gardens by the Bay

I have never seen such a perfect and well-kept park as in Singapore. And nowhere else can the tropical diversity be experienced as pleasantly as in Gardens By The Bay. In addition to the so-called Supertrees, the Cloud Forest is also highly recommended. In this huge greenhouse, visitors have the opportunity to explore a fairytale world of tropical plants over several floors. Of course there is also a gigantic waterfall and a souvenir shop that offers more merchandise than the Manchester United flagship store. Just Singapore things…

Supertrees Gardens By The Bay

Tropical Plants

Cloud Forest - Marina Bay Gardens by the Bay

Shopping in The Shoppes

Below Marina Bay Sand is one of many prestigious shopping malls, even though The Shoppes probably still stands out. If you like luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior and Co., you will probably never want to leave the mall again. Louis Vuitton even takes the shopping experience to a whole new level by offering bags and more on their very own island.

Coffee & Cake at Suzette

If you want to relax a little after shopping with coffee and cake, I recommend Suzette. Of course the prices are a little higher due to the location, but both drinks and food are more than delicious.

If you have any questions or even some more tips, please let me know in the comments below.

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