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Redang Island – A Little Guide to Paradise

Redang Island, Malaysia

Pulau Redang or Redang Island – a small, almost unknown island off the east coast of Malaysia. A paradise that rightly deserves its name. Because Redang offers everything a paradise should offer: Breathtaking beaches, crystal clear waters, white sand, palm trees and delicious seafood.

How to Get to Redang

Even the journey to the island is an adventure. For international travelers I recommend a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu on the mainland. From there, most resorts offer shuttles to the respective ferry terminal in Merang or K. Terengganu. (In any case, contact your resort as soon as you have booked to get more information about the ferry)

The trip with the little motorboat, which can carry about 10 people, takes 45 minutes. And after about 15 minutes it appears on the horizon: Pulau Redang, which reminds a bit of the TV series Lost – palms and tropical green as far as the eye can see.

Redang Ferry, Merang Jetty

The Resorts

Redang is considered a luxury escape. Almost all accommodations on Redang are therefore premium resorts. Most of them are located on the lively and popular Pasir Panjang Beach in the east of the island. From my experience I can recommend the Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa. It is one of the more affordable luxury resorts on the island and with a very good breakfast, a pool directly next to the beach and own diving and snorkeling offers definitely not a bad choice at all.

Sari Pacifica Spa & Resort

Swimming with Turtles

Snorkeling is a must-do on Redang. Especially because the island is an important conservation site for Sea Turtles. For snorkel tours from RM 70 you have the chance to admire one of Malaysia’s most magnificent underwater worlds. You can book a tour at almost every resort.

Swimming with sea turtles, Redang
La Vie En Marine

Food & Drinks

Pasir Panjang Beach has a lot of nice bistros, bars and restaurants with a beautiful ocean view. Mostly all of them serve delicious seafood, sandwiches, fresh coconut but also alcoholic beverages such as beer and cocktails. My favorites are Summer Point, Luna Bar in the north of the beach and the little bistro (Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out the name) between Coral Redang Island Resort and Redang Paradise Resort.

Luna Bar Redang

I could probably write a thousand words more. But you know…a picture is worth more than a thousand words. So just scroll down and enjoy the beauty of Redang Island.

Pulau Redang


Redang Shop

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