Even though Amsterdam has some really famous coffee shops without coffee, it also has some really nice coffee shops that actually sell coffee, but that’s another story. So, to avoid confusion, let’s just call them ‘cafés’. And here is Amsterdam’s hottest:

CT Coffee & Coconut is undoubtedly one of the coolest places to get a hot drink that I have ever seen. Three light-flooded floors offer plenty of space to enjoy great coffee, tea, beer (like CT’s house brew ‘Dodo’), wholesome food and more. Check out the menu here: Breakfast, Lunch & Drinks or Dinner.

Coffee and Cocnuts Coolest Cafe in Amsterdam De Pijp

The Location

Coffee & Coconut is located in a former theater built in the 20’s and surrounded by Amsterdam’s young and trending neighborhood ‘De Pijp’. The interior is defined by a beautiful mixture of industrial design, tropical plants and wooden beach furniture what makes this café very unique and super comfortable.

Coffee and Cocnuts Coolest Cafe in Amsterdam De Pijp

Getting a table?

CT is very popular among the people of Amsterdam and beyond. Hence it is very busy all day and booking a table at day time is not possible unfortunately. (For dinner you can make your reservation here) But don’t worry. After a little queue time you’re always getting a table!

Location: Amsterdam, De Pijp
Prices: $$/$$$$
Website: coffeeandcoconuts.com
Opening Times: Mon – Sun (8am – 11pm)

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